Sunday, February 24, 2008

My cane

Back when my youngest son Mark was 10 yrs old(now 25) He went out in the woods and cut me a cane because I was hurting in my back and I would walk with a mop around the house. It was really pretty with a twisted handle and all, he carved MUM in it and we stained and varnished it.

Later on in years he said "Mom you bead everything" . I was just getting into free form beading so I decided to bead some on the cane, this is the results. He loves it, I love it and everyone that has seen it loves it. I was offered $200.00 for it one time, but no amount of money could buy this act of love.

I decided to cover it with things you find in the woods, and incorporate the things he found or gave me too, like the pewter owl, and the stone he dove down and brought up in the spring at the White River in Cotter Arkansas.

The cane was beaded back in 2000 or 2001 and even though he has broke my heart and spirits many times, it stands in the corner of my bedroom to remind me , "he is still my baby boy".


Gypsy said...

AWWW, not only beautifully done, but a beautiful story to go with it!
Lovely, Rosalie, just lovely!

Anonymous said...

What a precious gift from your son. Your beading is fabulous on it. Loved the story that goes with it. Thanks for sharing it.


Sunni said...

That is awesome Rosalie.
I now have to add you to my list of blogs to keep a close eye so I don't miss anything beautiful and interesting.