Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Puzzle Piece Doll

I finished my puzzle piece doll for the challenge on Beaded Art Dolls group. I think he is the funniest looking piece ever! I call him 'Orange U. Jiggy with Rock and Roll shoes', I call him this because I did his shoes in rock chips and put larger beads on the toe and heel of his shoes like roller skates.
I put on a pretty little lace flowerette and remembered that it was supposed to be 100% beaded so I busted out the size 15's and filled it in.
This challenge was a challenge because I don't care for orange beads to much, I still don't care for them , but understand they do have a place in the bead world, I will use them on my pieces from now on.
Because I finished early , I am going to do another one but this time I will do a yellow one. Another color I don't use often, especially the main color. I will be doing a different piece, not mirroring this piece on the back as some are doing. I plan on displaying them on a shelf and if I do the other side I can't display them like I want .
So I will putting the yellow one up when I finish it, who knows these pieces may end up with siblings of different colors...hummmm or maybe not!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Well , when I started this blog , I said it would be weekly but probably end up weakly and it has .
The BAD group has decided to do a puzzle piece doll, but flat not full and fluffy like me. I am really excited to start this one , we were assigned a color, I just happened to pick #3 one of my lucky numbers, but it turned out to be a color i don't really care for, orange! The group did an orange challange before I joined, so I have some inspiration.
We rented a car this weekend so we could get out and grocery shop and do other things. My thing is to go to thrift stores and pick up on some cheap materal, also to go site seeing and window shopping.
Oh course after having such lovely weather while shut up with no transportation, when we finally get to go somewhere, Mr. Winter has shown his pretty/ugly side , I love snow and don't care if it ices when I am home bound, but when I want to go out I want pretty weather like we were having, hey at least the sun is shinning and I am waiting for the lazy bugs to get up so we can head out.
We went out yesterday and the thrift stores were closed , I guess they had a snow day off, but the roads were clear. So I am going to try again today. I am also going to Little Rock, but before going there I am going to stop at the bead store in the little town next to me . I thought the ladies that opened the bead store in my town closed , well, they just moved to a better location. On the main street instead of behind the post office.
OK I'm off of here to take off shopping, I will post a pick of my puzzle piece later, I have to cut it out and I want to dye it instead of it being stark white.
Bye for now the lazy bugs are stirring.