Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Roses

Climbing up the lattice Mark did for me for Christmas.

See how pretty

And they smell wonderful.

OH gosh how I am going to hate summer. I like Spring. Everything is new and beautiful. Except the pollen , so I guess there is something with every season. I really like the Winter, I don't mind the cold but when people have problems with the ice storms, I feel for them.
Don't have a lot to talk about, seems like when I put something up on the net, I offend some people.
I have been working on my birthday dolls, they are mermaids and I have a little scene going , I will be putting up pics in June, and the explanation of why I used certain colors and things incorporated in them.
It's to hot here to do anything, already in the 90's and my air conditioner is not working. Boy what am I going to do in the Summer?