Monday, February 18, 2008

Mini pin challange

My beaded art doll group is having a mini pin challenge, so I decided to join in . Here are my pins.

I haven't been doing well lately, been down with my back and fibro is really acting up. Of course the weather has a lot to do with it , as well as personal problems building up. Speaking of weather , we don't know weather to wear shorts or jackets, it will be cold one day, then raining, then hot, then back to cold, that is what brought on the tornados 2 weeks ago. A LOT of damage all around.


Phyl said...

Love your pins!So sorry about the "blahs",weather,
and fibro, dear...many of
us have both also.This just
isn't a good time of year
to deal with...e-me if I
can help.We miss you and your beaded projects...
prayers for you to feel
better SOON!

Anonymous said...

Pins are great. Miss you, but understand the pain. If you need to talk let me know.

I have six grandchildren also, but I am older than you by four years.

Jeanne <----Art dolls member

birds and beads said...

I follow your blog. Can't believe I missed these pins when you posted them. I absolutely love them. Remind me of the Queen of Hearts.