Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Birthday Prezzies

It has been so long since I posted here. I didn't even post my birthday prezzies that I recieved from my dear friend Ralonda in Texas. She sent me a butterfly doll to use for my round robin, a face to go on it, a wonderful tea bag that was used for a calm night in my room after a nice bubblebath, some beautiful pink pearls and cathreal beads, and a lovely pair of earrings that I wear quite often. I love all of it and it was the only prezzies I recieved this year.
I am putting a picture of all of it on here.
I have been busy trying to figure what I want to do with Gail's round robin doll. There are a lot of things I want to do , but I can only do so much on it and leave some for everyone else to bead on.
I finished Dian's. I wasn't happy with what I did with Dian's doll, I was trying to go with the picture she sent with it that inspired her to use that doll. After seeing the picture of her up on the net, I wanted to redo it. It does look better in person. I will add a pic of it too.


Poppy said...

Love your bead work, and the wonderful mermaids below. Love your creativity.

JIll in FLorida

Tracey N. said...

Hi Rosalie! You have been tagged by me! Please see my blog for details. XXOO

Ralonda said...

Long time no see Rosalie- so glad you are recovering. Now for some fun-- you have been tagged for a MeMe. Don't look at me like that- it is Aryd'ell's fault LOL- go to my blog to check out the scoop.

Ralonda said...

ohnnooo-now we have a double tag( hehehehe)