Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Puzzle Piece Doll

I finished my puzzle piece doll for the challenge on Beaded Art Dolls group. I think he is the funniest looking piece ever! I call him 'Orange U. Jiggy with Rock and Roll shoes', I call him this because I did his shoes in rock chips and put larger beads on the toe and heel of his shoes like roller skates.
I put on a pretty little lace flowerette and remembered that it was supposed to be 100% beaded so I busted out the size 15's and filled it in.
This challenge was a challenge because I don't care for orange beads to much, I still don't care for them , but understand they do have a place in the bead world, I will use them on my pieces from now on.
Because I finished early , I am going to do another one but this time I will do a yellow one. Another color I don't use often, especially the main color. I will be doing a different piece, not mirroring this piece on the back as some are doing. I plan on displaying them on a shelf and if I do the other side I can't display them like I want .
So I will putting the yellow one up when I finish it, who knows these pieces may end up with siblings of different colors...hummmm or maybe not!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosali came Across your blog today I love your work its amazing The dolls must take you ages they all are truly stunning .I came across from Rolandas blog today ,call by my blog one day I would like that take care love from sesga xx

Gypsy said...

Jiggy is wonderful, Rosalie, and while orange is not your fav color, you did a most excellent and artistic beading job on him! Aryd'ell