Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Roses

Climbing up the lattice Mark did for me for Christmas.

See how pretty

And they smell wonderful.

OH gosh how I am going to hate summer. I like Spring. Everything is new and beautiful. Except the pollen , so I guess there is something with every season. I really like the Winter, I don't mind the cold but when people have problems with the ice storms, I feel for them.
Don't have a lot to talk about, seems like when I put something up on the net, I offend some people.
I have been working on my birthday dolls, they are mermaids and I have a little scene going , I will be putting up pics in June, and the explanation of why I used certain colors and things incorporated in them.
It's to hot here to do anything, already in the 90's and my air conditioner is not working. Boy what am I going to do in the Summer?


Barbara said...

That rose is so very pretty! Lucky you to have such a nice plant.
What are you talking about by offending some people? I can't image that happening. You seem like such a wonderfully nice person.
Sorry about the heat, I know how hard that is to take. Just grab a cold drink and sit with those little mermaids. They will cool you off!

Ralonda said...

Ahh tell them to stick a feather in it, maybe they will get a giggle out of it! Some folks are kinda of sensative but don't take it personally- they are missing out on a wonderful you. Love ya Rosalie!

Gypsy said...

Go out early in the morning for your Nature fix, then bead all day, Silly!!

Anonymous said...


How do you get such beautiful roses? I cannot make them grow like that. What's your secret?

Sit on the porch with a fan blowing to keep cool and bead.


sammy said...

happy Birthday.... Love your beaded dolls, but what captures the page and my eyes are you awesome pictures of your roses!!!!